Piece of history reunited with mill

25 September 2023

When the mill was still in Leiden, this mill was, among other things, a sawmill. At that time the name of the mill was “De Haan”. Because of the connection with the sawmill, a beard (name plate of the mill) was made in Rococo style with a rooster carved in wood. When the mill was moved to ‘t Zand in 1865, the beard was left behind at the sawmill. When the sawmill was demolished, the Timmerman family (the owners of the sawmill at the time) were able to save the beard from demolition.

For a long time it was uncertain what the origin of mill “De Hoop” was. However, for a number of years it has been established with certainty that this was once mill “De Haan” from Leiden. The Timmerman family, who still had that beard in their possession, also found out and contacted Jaap Zeeman. Ultimately, this led to the beard being reunited with the mill. The official transfer took place on October 27, 2021.

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Piece of history reunited with mill
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