Open Museum weekend

13 May 2023 - 14 May 2023

During the Open Museum Weekend, on 13 and 14 May, all museums in the municipality of Schagen will open their doors! The municipality of Schagen has no less than 11 museums. Each gem with its own story. During the Open Museum Weekend, all museums are free to enter between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM. There are also special activities at all museums for both youth and adults in which you can participate or admire performances. Unique experiences that only take place during this weekend and make a visit extra special.

Extra activities
In addition to the fact that all museums can be visited, each museum organizes special activities that can only be experienced during this weekend. For example, there are music performances and guided tours that are provided by a guide or by actors. You can also have coins or shards brought by an archaeologist identified, visit a militaria and book market and take a seat with a quick draftsman. Special and fun activities are also organized for children. From old Dutch children’s games to a treasure hunt through the museum or a beachcomber’s treasure hunt on the beach and from baking pancakes to a course in origami folding. You can also take a seat in one of the old carriages from the past and have your picture taken, admire a fire brigade ladder truck from 1955 or wrap yourself in clothing from the past. In addition, you can get a Museum Passport in every museum and have it stamped. With a full passport you have a chance to win a VVV voucher worth € 100. This promotion runs all year round. In short… There is a lot to experience! For information about the participating museums, see

Windmill ‘de Hoop’
Winmill ‘de Hoop’ is also taking part in the museum weekend. Because the museum weekend is the same as the Open Mill Days, the mill is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Various activities are organized at the mill. Of course, the mill can be visited free of charge and, in good weather conditions, the blades will turn and wheat will be ground into flour. In addition, a village walk will take place on Saturday at 1:00 PM and on Sunday at 11:30 AM led by Dirk Smit. During this one-hour walk, the historical sites (including the old site of the mill) are visited. Pancakes are baked on Sunday from 13:00.

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Open Museum weekend
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